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Hello! I'm Leanne, owner of Wexford Massage Therapy. I was born and raised in Canada and have lived in Ireland since 2003.  Through my teens and twenties I was a very competitive athlete in Rowing, Cross Country Skiing, Running and Baseball. During my competitive years I had several injuries which led to my interest, and subsequent study, of Sports Medicine (BSc Sports Medicine, Mercyhurst University, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, 1994) I completed a Massage Therapy Diploma at The Austin School of Massage Therapy, Austin, Texas, USA in 2000. Over the years I have worked in several  therapeutic settings including Professional Ice Hockey, Collegiate, Chiropractic Clinic, and Physiotherapy clinics before deciding to venture out on my own as a Massage Therapist.

I had always been interested in massage and studied it early on in my career. However, after a car accident  in 2000, I became a true advocate for massage as medical treatment. After the car accident I had neck and lower back pain that resolved within a few weeks with regular physio treatments but I was left with a burning sensation in the back of my arm that persisted for months. I had x-rays, nerve conduction test, chiropractic and physio treatments. Finally I went to a massage therapist I worked with, and in 3 massage sessions the burning pain was gone. Massage can't fix all pain but is very effective in treating muscle related pain patterns.

Please get in touch with any questions you might have or to schedule an appointment.
Wexford Massage Therapy Leanne Harpur
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