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Leanne Harpur

BSc Sports Medicine
Dip Massage Therapy

Hello, welcome to Wexford Massage Therapy, I'm Leanne Harpur. I opened WMT in 2015. After a long career of working for other people I decided it was time to open my own massage therapy practice. This has been a labor of love for me, as I really do love my job! When a client walks out of the treatment room saying how much better they feel, or how much better they can move, it's a great feeling for me!

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My Story

I've known since I was 13, and first sprained my ankle playing baseball, that I wanted to be a sports physio. Then when I started rowing at 15, I added massage therapist to my career path. A rowing scholarship led me to study Sports Medicine at Mercyhurst University, Erie, PA, USA where I got my degree (BSc Sports Medicine) in 1994. I completed a Massage Therapy Diploma at the Austin School of Massage Therapy (Austin, TX, USA, 2000). I have worked in several therapeutic settings including professional ice hockey, collegiate, chiropractic clinic, physiotherapy clinics and spas before deciding to venture out on my own as a massage therapist.

After a car accident in 2000 I became a true advocate for massage as a medical treatment. After the accident I had neck and lower back pain which resolved within a few weeks with regular physio treatments, but I was left with a burning sensation down the back of my right arm that persisted for months. I had x-rays, nerve conduction tests, chiropractic and physio treatments, but none of it relieved the pain. Finally I went to a massage therapist colleague and within 3 massage sessions the burning pain was gone!

Massage can't fix all pain but is very effective in treating muscle related pain patterns. 

Please contact me with any questions you might have.

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