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Back to work in this crazy time!

Hi All! I wanted to send out a little message to let you all know how things are going being back to work in this crazy time. I opened back up mid July and things have gone really well. I didn't really know what to expect and was really nervous at first. Am I gonna get "it?" (I'm sick of even saying the name of "it!") Am I gonna pass "it" on to someone else? Is someone gonna pass "it" on to me? Are my kids safe? Is my family safe? I know we have all had these same questions!

In order to deal with these questions the best I can, I have implemented several changes to the way I run my business, compared to before lock down. I joined the Irish Massage Therapy Association and I am following their return to work guidelines. These guidelines are based on the HSE guidelines and adapted to massage practice. I have reduced treatment times to 45 minutes to keep the viral load in the room to a minimum, and will not be doing full body treatments at this time. 45 minutes allows me ample time to focus on one problem area really well. All my modalities including hot stone, aromatherapy, deep tissue, etc will be available to you as needed. (You all know how I love my hot stones!!) We have also added a HEPA air filter to the small treatment room without a window. I am leaving 30 minutes between treatments to allow for cleaning of the room and sanitizing and reheating of hot stones. As per pre-covid, each client has fresh sheets and towels and surfaces are cleaned between each client. At the moment we are asking that masks be worn in the treatment rooms because they are small spaces. Masks can be removed while lying face down. Also, if for any reason you can't wear a mask, that is ok , just let me know. (Masks are not being worn in the gym for pilates classes because it is a large space with good ventilation.) Lastly, I have changed my intake forms to be done digitally and have added a Coronavirus screening form. I will send these to you via text or email and ask that they are filled in and submitted before your appointment. This can be done before your first appointment, then just let me know if there are any changes for future appointments. Hopefully all these changes will keep us all safe and get back to some kind of normal!

The other thing I want to mention is cancellations. I know with the kids back in school and heading into normal cold and flu season, there will be a lot of tension and questions about when to send kids to school and when not to if they are sick. I will be the same with my kids! If you or your child is ill and you need to cancel, it's no problem, please just let me know. Unfortunately, I will have to do the same and cancel appointments if my kids or I are sick. With minor colds, I used to bring my kids into the clinic and let them sit in the vacant treatment room or in a corner of the gym. Given all that is going on, that just won't be possible now. This also leads to Coronavirus testing. If you or a family member test positive for Coronavirus and you have been in clinic in the last 2 weeks please let me know so I can get tested as soon as possible. There are 3 physios and myself in the clinic, and a lot of people coming and going as patients and in pilates classes, so informing everyone as soon as possible is paramount.

Sooooo, with all that being said, if you need a massage get in contact and let me work my magic!


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