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Why Massage is a Worthy Expense

I think we can all agree our monthly expenses are increasing. If the news is to be believed we are heading into another recession. One of the first things to go when we tighten our belts is our luxuries, daily trips to the coffee shop or out for lunch, foreign holidays and weekend trips. Some would include their regular massage as a luxury. But I would beg to differ, and not just because it is my business.

I could quote study after study showing how massage therapy improves:

But I think more importantly I can share my own experience, both as a massage therapist and as a massage recipient.

As a therapist I specialize in treating neck shoulder and back pain. So everyday I get to help people relieve pain relating to a specific problem or injury. Usually, these types of injury respond best with a massage a week for 3 weeks. The added bonus is that, once people have relief from pain, they realize how a massage makes them feel…BETTER! So, in the future people will come in for a massage sooner and not let their pain get as bad as it has been in the past. Treating pain early saves the expense of potential Doctors visits and medication bills. Also, treating pain early has been shown to increase work productivity and decrease work sick days. (NOTE: sometimes doctors and medications are the best way to proceed, and I will give my professional opinion based each case)

The other type of pain I treat regularly is stress related pain. General tension may cause, neck, shoulder, arm, back pain, or headaches. This usually comes from computer work, job stress or lack of sleep. These problems can be greatly helped by massage therapy allowing you to work and sleep pain free. I usually recommend one massage per month if you are prone to tension headaches and pain. However, it is important to listen to your body and see how long massage results last for you, some people get much longer relief and only come in when they feel the tension building again.

As a massage recipient I could share many ways massage has helped me over the years, the most recent one is a good example. About 2 months ago I was feeling out of sorts and had a been feeling a lot of “little niggles” of pain in different areas but especially my right foot. I hadn’t had a massage for about a year. I came across an ad on Facebook for a new therapist starting to work in my area. I did some research on her website and Facebook page and decided to book in with her for a 90-minute full body massage since I hadn’t had massage in a while. WELL, within the first few strokes I knew my body was crying out for massage! Every part of my body felt relief. I felt like I had been run over by a steam roller, in a good way! She found an area of tension above my ankle that was quite tender and worked on it for a few minutes then moved on. She avoided the area of my sore foot because I couldn’t tolerate much pressure to it. When I left her office that day, I felt like I could sleep for a week and that night I went to bed early and slept soundly all night! The next day my foot pain wasn’t as bad because I didn’t notice it until I was walking to the clinic from my car. Whereas previously I would have felt it walking to the bathroom first thing in the morning. I went for another 90-minute session the following week and my foot pain has gone and not returned. My back feels so much freer from tension I didn’t even know I was carrying! It was a good reminder for me that massage works when you get it done.

I would say that massage is not a luxury but a necessity. Not everyone will be able to afford to get a massage once a week, but I would encourage you to make massage a priority and get one as often as you can. If you want neck shoulder and back massage book on the link bellow. If you want a recommendation to the lady I saw for the 90-minute full body massage let me know and I will happily pass on her details.


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